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 Uncle John has another rant about an inane commercial. Not one about bears doing their thing in the woods. No, one where a cosmetics firm touts "gene science". A science that allows a topically applied ointment to cause "gene expression".  Watch the following bit of pseudo-science:

Yes, by embedding this commercial, I'm giving them more hits, but it's important to see the type of bovine stuff that they are shoveling on a public that doesn't really understand how things work.

Gene expression is the process by which information from a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product, things like proteins.

They also claim that because of their experience with exfoliation, i.e. the removal of the oldest dead skin cells in the skin layer, they have learned how to "stress" cells to produce beneficial proteins and other cell products to create healthy skin.

The epidermis, the outer skin layer, is 15 to 20 dead skin cells thick. And only the top most and loosest layers of skin are removed by exfoliation. It never gets down to the basale layer where new skins cells form. That's further on down the layers, under a layer of skin that blocks a lot of things getting through. 

So unless this magical elixir contains DMSO or something similar, there's no way this ointment can directly affect the basale layer.

From the Font Of All Knowledge here's a diagram of human skin:
Human Skin Layers
That purple layer, stratum basale, that's where new skin cells are born. To reach that through exfoliation, you'd have to abrade the epidermis right through the pigment layer. The list of ingredients is interesting. Mostly it's moisturizers and solvents. 

A couple are interesting. Adenosine for one, is used by ATP and ADP.  So, it's cell food. That's nice. All those dead cells will love that last meal. Another is Dimethicone, a form of soft silicone. It's a cousin to the active components in Silly Putty, and functions like a sealer, holding the skin's moisture. So basically, it's spackling compound to weather proof skin.

One to worry about is Cyclohexasiloxane. According to one database it is a low hazard and may have some side effects.

It looks like Youth Code ointment is nothing more than a deep moisturizer and has some extra chemicals to seal the skin and keep it from drying out. After several weeks of use, your skin is sealed and full of moisture, smoothing out those wrinkles. 

But is it really making your skin's genes to "express"? No more than a good facial. Save your money ladies.



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