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I just visited a unique web generator: The My Complaint Generator

So I decided to complain about the Republican Party:

Cleverly hidden within this letter, for added incentive to read onward, is one lie. Not a lie of statistical or grammatical error but a ludicrous falsehood at once so absurd as to strike the reader as an insult to human intelligence and yet so caustic as to convince the reader that no clear-thinking individual would have the temerity to promote group-think attitudes over individual insights. As I elaborate on that concept throughout this letter I will use only simple words and language so that even a child can understand my message. Yes, even a child should know that wherever you look, you'll see the Republican Party enforcing intolerance in the name of tolerance. You'll see it suppressing freedom in the name of freedom. And you'll see it crushing diversity of opinion in the name of diversity.

The Republican Party may not be stuck-up but it sure is clumsy. The Republican Party has been known to "prove" statistically that its opinions represent the opinions of the majority -- or even a plurality. As you might have suspected, its proof is flawed. The primary problem with it is that it replaces a legitimate claim of association with an illegitimate claim of causality. Consequently, the Republican Party's "proof" demonstrates only that its scummy analects induce paralysis of the cerebrum. It follows from this that I am not trying to save the world -- I gave up that pursuit a long time ago. But I am trying to free people from the spell of alarmism that the Republican Party has cast over them.

Because the foundation of misoneism is terribly flawed, anything based on it will also be terribly flawed. That explains why the Republican Party's exegeses are so insidious. In fact, not only are they insidious but they fail to take into consideration the way that the Republican Party's allegations have kept us separated for too long from the love, contributions, and challenges of our brothers and sisters in this wonderful adventure we share together -- life! It's one thing to require schoolchildren to be taught that the purpose of life is self-gratification, but wanting to teach vainglorious concepts to children is going too far. Only the committed action of millions of concerned and politically active patriots united in their determination to shout back at the Republican Party's propaganda will be able to open students' eyes, minds, hearts, and souls to the world around them. Even more remarkable, its maneuvers should be labeled like a pack of cigarettes. I'm thinking of something along the lines of, "Warning: It has been determined that the Republican Party's hastily mounted campaigns are intended to shift blame from those who benefit from oppression to those who suffer from it." Let me end this letter by pointing out that the battle to preserve the peace is now joined on many fronts. We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter; and, we will not fail.

If you visit this link, you'll get a new version of this letter, randomly generated:

Complaint against the Republican Party
Or and a couple of other people:

John McCain
Sarah Palin
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Well, she'd get my vote... only if she wore that outfit to all her engagements... :-p


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