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 It's fall, and John Kent had a good harvest, so he decided to treat his wife and adopted son, Clark, to a treat: A trip to Gotham City. They took in all the museums, art galleries, and through a chance meeting with Thomas Wayne, philanthropist, they were able to attend the Gotham Opera production of the Der Fledermaus. After the show, the Kents, unfortunately took a wrong turn, and were accosted by one Joe Chill. 

Both of his parents were killed before young Clark's eyes by Chill. His Kryptonian powers were still nascent, so he was unable to stop the criminal, as he shot John and Mary Kent. Chill was captured and sentenced, and Thomas Wayne took Clark under his wing as his ward. Clark grew up with his best friend Bruce, the two became brothers as their friendship grew.

When Clark's Kryptonian powers started to manifest, it was Bruce who helped him hide them and together, they learned how to control them. On Clark's eighteenth birthday, he returned to the farm where he had been raised. Mister Wayne had kept it going for the boy all these years, and a wiser and very much stronger Clark Kent inherited his family's farm. However, he was no longer that naive farmboy from Smallville anymore. And he was not the farmer his father was. So he put the farm up for sale, and set about clearing out the old memories from the house and barn. 

It was in the barn that he found the spaceship that had carried him to Earth. Along with him was Bruce and together, they worked out that Clark was not human, but an alien. From records in the ship, Clark found out that his birth name was Kal-el, and that he was twice over an orphan, that his homeworld was destroyed. 

He was devastated, he wanted to strike back, but, because of the upbringing he had gotten from Thomas Wayne, he could not blindly strike out. But he decided, then and there, that he would avenge the death of all his parents, and he'll start first with Gotham City and its crime ridden streets. As he was discussing this with Bruce, who wanted in on the deal, Clark said, "I need an identity that will strike fear in the hearts of criminals, a cowardly, superstitious lot. But what should I become?"

At that moment, the bats living in the rafters of the barn, woke up and took flight, both young men ducking their heads as the leathery wings flew on by. "That's it Bruce!" Clark cried out, "That's what I'll become! A bat... no, I will become...

Clark Kent, The Batman!"

Enlisting the aid of their trusty butler, Alfred, they fashioned a costume for Clark that would strike terror in the hearts of those who opposed justice and the law. Bruce, with his mechanical genius and head for mysteries, decided to join his brother in arms as a fellow crime fighter.

"I shall follow the philosophy of Nietzsche and use the concept of the Übermensch for my name," said Bruce. "While I do not have your powers Clark, I have trained long and hard by your side. I am at the peak of humanity's ability, both physically and mentally. I am not a mere man... I am a Superman. Yes, that's the name i will use, I shall be...

Bruce Wayne, Superman!"

Together, the dynamic duo fight a never ending battle, for truth, justice and the American way!


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